30 Aug 2019 | Trips

The Other Activities On Our Summer Polar Bear Safari

kayaking in the arctic summer towards glaciers

The primary goal of our summer safari is certainly to get fantastic polar bear viewing opportunities, yet there’s so much more! You may see polar bears along a rocky beach, sleeping on a hill, and perhaps even swimming. But our summer safari is a remarkable Arctic adventure. You get to explore a stunning and unique […]

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23 Aug 2019 | Arctic History

Arctic Peoples: History of the Dorset and Thule Peoples

Ever wondered how the ancestors of the Inuit came to the Canadian Arctic? Did you know there were people there already, the Dorset civilization, that would mysteriously disappear around 1500 A.D.? Like the plot from a movie, it’s believed that the Thule civilization may have expanded east with rumours of steel from trade with Vikings! […]

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16 Aug 2019 | Arctic History

Baffin Island: The Vikings’ First Stop to the New World

Viking ship on high arctic waters

Many people now recognize that Vikings were the first Europeans to reach the new world but did you know that it was Baffin Island that they first saw as they left Greenland. Some even know the story of Leif Erikson, but he wasn’t the first to set eyes on the Americas. He was retracing the […]

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