16 Jun 2022 | Wildlife

Arctic Kingdom’s Top Fast Facts

Photo by Jaime Sharp Paddler location antarctica 9040

Over the years we have explored many fascinating subjects as we look at the wonderful places and incredible animals of the Arctic. We have had the chance to find out how polar bears have evolved to camouflage in the Arctic and why narwhals have tusks. We have discussed how glaciers are formed and how these […]

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10 Jun 2022 | Arctic Travel Tips

Have You Heard of the Akshayuk Pass?


One of the most beautiful and little-known places is Auyuittuq National Park, located along western Baffin Island. It is a sheltered alpine wonderland that is nestled within the Cumberland Peninsula. Cutting sharping through the mountain range and towering peaks is a glacial carved valley that runs through the middle of the national park. This scenic […]

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02 Jun 2022 | Landscape

Explore Auyuittuq National Park

Crusing in baffin island fiord DSC2842 scaled

It is one of the most beautiful and stark landscapes in Canada and has excited adventurers for decades. It was once called, Baffin Island National Park before being renamed Auyuittuq “the land that never melts.” This is a brilliant name for a place that is covered in ice caps and flooded with glaciers. If you […]

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