21 Feb 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Visit The World’s Biggest Hidden Gem: the Arctic Cordillera Mountains

Arctic Cordillera Mountains

The mountains are calling and so I must go! The Arctic Cordillera Mountain Range is a canopy of shimmering ice caps, exposed dark peaks, and enormous glaciers the feed wild rivers that drain into breathtaking fiords and mountain valleys. Is it calling to you now? Beautiful mountain ranges have always captured the imagination and ambitions […]

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14 Feb 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Arctic Safaris Make the Best Valentines Day Gift!

Arctic Safaris

It’s Valentine’s Day and that means we’ve all been thinking hard on the best gifts or moments to share and we’re here to tell you there is no better Valentine’s gift than an Arctic vacation! What could be better than spotting polar bears together as you sled across the snowy canopy of the north or […]

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07 Feb 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Jill Heinerth’s Arctic Scuba Diving Tips: Dry Suits

Scuba Diving Tips

We are so excited to be hosting Jill Heinerth on our Narwhal & Polar Bears, A Floe Edge Safari. She’s one of the world’s leading divers, exploring caves and polar waters in and is now returning to the Arctic with Arctic Kingdom. Jill is renowned within the diving community and has even be awarded significant […]

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