02 Dec 2021 | Arctic Animals

A Narwhal’s Many Uses For Sea Ice

Narwhal whales spent much of their life among sea ice. Waiting for frozen sea ice to break up into pack ice and becoming open water is part of their annual migrations.  But sea ice is more than an intricate maze keeping narwhal from their summer territories. It can also provide protection and a safe place […]

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26 Nov 2021 | Arctic Travel Tips

See Baffin Island from a Qamutiik: A Photo Gallery

One of the best ways to take in a landscape is to ride through it. Sounds obvious, but sometimes things are grander than we even imagined. Seeing a cascading waterfall from a glacier melting off the top of a mountain range or standing next to an iceberg frozen into the sea ice and realizing just […]

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12 Nov 2021 | Arctic Animals

Polar Bears Are Migrating Right Now & You Can See It

As we speak something incredible is happening in the north. Polar bears from James Bay to the north of Hudson Bay are migrating up the coastline towards the frozen sea-ice. While some bears are sitting and waiting for winter to begin other bears are being proactive and seeking out the chill, something they love! Find […]

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