14 Aug 2020 | Arctic Animals

The Mystery of the Oldest Bowhead Whale

What mammal do you think has the longest lifespan? Would they be on land or in the oceans? Imagine you found a relic of history that could tell you almost exactly the age of that mammal. Doesn’t that sound like a combination of Indiana Jones and David Attenborough? Join us as we explore the mystery […]

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07 Aug 2020 | Landscape

What Makes A Glacier

Few things match the beauty and majesty of seeing a glacier. There is a scale that seems prehistoric and a sense of something ancient. It’s breathtaking! But have you ever wondered how they are formed or what makes it a glacier and not just a patch of snow and ice? Did you know they make […]

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31 Jul 2020 | Arctic Animals

What Are Summer Polar Bears Up To?

summer polar bears

When we think of polar bears, it’s often images of icebergs or roaming frozen sea-ice and tundra. Yet, the Arctic has a summer like everywhere else with longer warmer days. Are you wondering how polar bears spend their summer? They spend their winters out on the sea-ice, but when summer comes, where do they go? […]

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