05 May 2022 | Arctic History

How Iqaluit Helped in World War II

The Iqaluit Airport is more than the gateway to much of the Canadian Arctic, it has a long history that includes having a role in one of world’s largest events. This dynamic city formed on the banks of the Sylvia Grinnell River became a permanent settlement in an effort to support the Allies and fight […]

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28 Apr 2022 | Arctic Animals

The Songs of the Narwhal

As we get closer to May that means one thing for narwhal, it’s time to begin their miraculous annual migration. Narwhal all across the Arctic will travel from their deep-water winter homes to their summer feeding territories among the shallow bays and river estuaries of the Canadian Arctic. In the spirit of narwhal adoration, we […]

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22 Apr 2022 | Conservation

Earth Day 2022: Invest In Our Planet

This year marks the 52nd annual Earth Day! There have been significant victories since the first one in 1970 but we need to keep fighting to create a healthy planet. As humans we know that we cannot function properly when we have a flu or only consume junk food and a business does not succeed […]

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