It began with a dream.

Our founder and president, Graham Dickson: diving in the Arctic Ocean, seeing the incredible, unique wildlife, taking in awe-inspiring landscapes and meeting the wonderful people of the North.

Bitten by the “Arctic bug”, he dreamed about how to share and make the North more accessible, so more people could experience this special place on the planet – and how to positively contribute.

Arctic dreams realized

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A pioneer in Arctic travel, Arctic Kingdom has been crafting legendary land-based Arctic getaway tours and adventures for 20 years. From our first dive trip in 1999 to now, Arctic Kingdom has had the privilege of welcoming thousands of people to the Canadian Arctic.

Many adventurers can only dream of the intimate wildlife encounters, and pristine wilderness.

Whether it’s seeing polar bears on land or by sea on one of our Arctic safaris or floating above icebergs on a hot air balloon on a fully-customized private journey, Arctic Kingdom brings Arctic adventures and dreams to life.

Bringing you the best of the Arctic

Our unmatched access and unparalleled expertise in Arctic wildlife and habitat allow us to provide the most incredible Arctic experiences in safety and comfort.

We collaborate with Inuit, the indigenous people who have called the Arctic home for thousands of years, and follow nature’s rhythms to bring you the best of the Arctic, at optimal times of the year.

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Experience one of the last great wildernesses on earth with us

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There is an Inuit belief that everything in nature is infused with the spirit of life. We strive to create journeys that invigorate the spirit of life in each of our guests.

Safely viewing polar bears, spotting the elusive narwhal, diving under icebergs and seeing the Northern Lights are all bucket list experiences we are thrilled to help you check off!

Explore with us