15 Nov 2019 | Team Interviews

Get To Know Our Northern Lights Guide: The Wonderful Marie Claire

We are launching a new and very exciting trip, GUIDED NORTHERN LIGHTS GETAWAY. The northern lights bring Arctic travellers from all over the world and Iqaluit, Canada’s newest capital city, is a cultural destination in its own right with rich Inuit history. But you may be asking, who is this guide and what is so […]

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08 Nov 2019 | Polar Bear

It’s Polar Bear Week: Profiling Their Seasonal Habits & Challenges

Polar bear with two cubs

It’s Polar Bear Week and we are so excited because we love to talk polar bears! So we thought we’d explore what polar bears are doing each season. There is something incredible about seeing a polar bear in person; the way they move or their size is mesmerizing. They have some remarkable adaptive traits that […]

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01 Nov 2019 | AK NEWS

Our Incredible New Northern Lights Getaway

Have you dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights in the Arctic? Are you interested in visiting Baffin Island this winter and exploring Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital city?   Our Guided Northern Lights Getaway aims to develop a genuine and sincere appreciation of the Arctic with guided opportunities to view and photograph the polar phenomena of the aurora borealis […]

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