15 Jul 2022 | Arctic Travel Tips

Breathtaking mountains have always attracted travellers who yearn to stand in awe of their grandeur. We can fill our body with the mountain air as we walk among giants.

The sculped rock faces appear titanic but only when we stand in front of them. Only when we visit these places do we realize the difference between seeing a photo of a mountain and the feeling you get when you hike to a view of this towering peak that has been there for eons.

Some mountains are known across the globe for their unique shape, like the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Then, there are mountains that are spectacular but are a little more locally known, such as Lake Louise.

The mountain peaks of Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island are so impressive that they’ve made it into a James Bond movie and holds the record for Earth’s greatest vertical drop.

Come explore the peaks that stand out above so many.


Mount Thor

When you see the sheer size of this rockface, it makes sense to name it after the most epic Norse god, Thor. But the Inuktitut names for the mountain is more descriptive: ᙯᕐᓱᐊᓗᒃ Qaisualuk “huge bedrock” or ᑭᒍᑎᙳᐊᖅ Kigutinnguaq “resembles a tooth”.

The way that this mountain juts straight up out of the valley floor makes it stand out from anything around it – and its surrounded by stunning mountains. This earthly tooth that is so clearly and beautifully sculpted by glacial abrasion will take your breath away.

Mount Thor is Earth’s greatest vertical drop reaching 1,675 metres (5,495 ft).

It is a landmark of the Akshayuk Pass, a glacial carved river valley that hosts a multiday hike that travels across the Cumberland Peninsula connected by fiords on either side. There is a campsite a few kilometres north of the mountain so you can hike right up to it and many rock climbers come each season to challenge themselves on this ancient wall.

Photographers and painters, like Cory Trepanier have brought the image to life in their art by detailing the rugged fragility of Mount Thor and its backdrop.


Mount Asgard

Some of you might have seen the open scene from the movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. James Bond is skiing away from villainous henchmen chasing after him with machine guns and a variety of skiing ability depending on how exciting the moment needs to be until all of a sudden he seems to be veering towards a cliff!

He shoots off a flat-topped mountain peak and flies into the air. His skies pop off and with the athleticism of a stuntman but the swagger of James Bond, a parachute with the British Union Jack deploys and he floats to safety. While that scene was supposed to take place in the in the snowy mountains of the alps, there were few mountains in the world that give someone the space to attempt this stunt for the first time in history.

Stuntman, Rick Sylvester and his team chose Mount Asgard because it provided a relatively flat surface to prepare the jump and such a long vertical drop that he felt he had time to get away from the skis and into the proper position to pull the parachute.

The mountain is twin peaked with a narrow saddle connecting the cylindrical rock towers. The peaks have uniquely flat tops that may have inspired it to be named the place where the Norse gods lived, Asgard.


Mount Odin

Now, this is a giant of a mountain. It stands at 2,147 m (7,044 ft) making it the highest peak within the Baffin Mountains and the highest mountain on Baffin Island.

It is the fifth-highest in the Arctic Cordillera that ranges from Ellesmere Island to Labrador. Towering over the Weasel River, Mount Odin has an enormous topographic prominence, which measures the sheer size of the defile from the lowest point to the top of the mountain. In fact, it is the third-highest mountain in Nunavut by this measurement.

While it does not have the stark rock face of Mont Thor, or the unique spirals of Mount Asgard, this is a truly gigantic mountain that is aptly named after the lord of the Norse gods, as it lords over all the other peaks.


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By: Mathew Whitelaw