22 May 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Get To Know the Eastern Gateway of the Northwest Passage

Eastern Gateway of the Northwest Passage

Have you dreamed of visiting the Northwest Passage? How much do you really know about the wildlife and destinations? Join us as we explore some of the most interesting features that make up the eastern gateway of the Northwest Passage. Sailing through this breathtaking landscape on someone else’s itinerary just isn’t enough. With towering red […]

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15 May 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

What Arctic Animals Would You Like To See?

Arctic Animals

Have you wondered what are the different kinds of animals you can see on our wildlife tours? Do you follow us on social media? We’d love to hear what you enjoy seeing because we have some great photos to share! Would you believe us if I said you can have photos as great as ours? […]

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08 May 2020 | AK NEWS

Top Blogs for Arctic Travel: Pt. 1

Top Blogs for Arctic Travel

Did you know that Arctic Kingdom posts blogs every week? They are filled with information on Arctic animals, facts about their migrations and habitats, stories about Inuit and Arctic history, and of course, details on our bucket-list filled trips. Find out why Arctic safaris need to be on the top of your list of life-changing […]

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