15 Jul 2022 | Arctic Travel Tips

The Famous Mountain Peaks of Baffin Island

Auyuittuq ThorPeak 2007 scaled

Breathtaking mountains have always attracted travellers who yearn to stand in awe of their grandeur. We can fill our body with the mountain air as we walk among giants. The sculped rock faces appear titanic but only when we stand in front of them. Only when we visit these places do we realize the difference […]

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08 Jul 2022 | Arctic Animals

The Narwhal Tusk: It’s a Tooth!

Arctic Kingdom Narwhal Polar Bear Safari Michelle Valberg

The narwhal’s tusk has long captured the imagination of people across the globe. They were found in medieval courts and inspired legends of unicorns. Today we’re still trying to understand the mystery of their tusks. What are they for and how do narwhal use them? Are they used for protection like elephant tusks or are […]

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01 Jul 2022 | Arctic History

How Leif Erikson Found the New World

canvas oil Leif Eriksson Discovers America Christian 1892

We now know that Christopher Columbus was not the first person to reach the New World. It certainly wasn’t a ‘new world’ to the people who lived there for millennia or even new to Europeans with evidence of Norse exploration and trade long before Columbus.  Leif Erikson, a Norse (Norwegian) explorer, would land on Baffin Island […]

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