20 Sep 2019 | Photography

People & Polar Bear Photobombing

We’re so proud of the fact that all of the photos we use for promotion and on social media are our own. Our expedition leaders are often phenomenal photographers in their own right but we also are fortunate to have such talented guests. But what’s missed is the position our guests get into for these […]

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13 Sep 2019 | Films

TIFF WEEK’S: Top 5 Films of the Canadian Arctic

With TIFF happening this week, we asked ourselves, what would our choice of the top 5 films that capture what it is to live in the Canadian Arctic through the lens of film? It’s a variety of films that capture the landscape, the people and the unique perspective of the north through their artistic expressions. […]

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06 Sep 2019 | Landscape

The Life Cycle of an Iceberg: From Glacier to the Ocean

There is something magical about seeing your first iceberg. The twisting and carved designs they form into, a steadfast uncertainty to their nature, they conjure an ancient feeling. Have you ever wondered how do icebergs form, or what makes them break apart from their glacier? Explore with us the cycle of an iceberg, from its […]

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