23 Jun 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Narwhal Are So Elusive & How To See Them

It is fitting that a whale as elusive as the narwhal are surrounded with myths and mysteries. Scientists still don’t fully understand why narwhal have their famous tusk, yet this ivory tooth may have been the origins of the fabled unicorn. This beautiful whale has never survived in captivity so you can only see them […]

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16 Jun 2021 | Arctic Animals

Polar Bears Are Mostly Canadian

Most people know that polar bears are the largest bear species and the largest land carnivore, but did you know that the majority of the world’s polar bears reside in Canada. This top predator is famous for the amount of territory they cover during the winter when the sea-ice creates an endless platform. But when […]

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02 Jun 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Polar Bears Love To Swim

With summer quickly approaching many of us are getting excited to do some swimming. A dip in the lake or river is no longer so cold you have to call them Polar Plunges. Do you know who else loves swimming? Polar bears! However, unlike us, polar bears will happily go for a swimming anytime of […]

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