20 Dec 2019 | Inuit Culture/Art

Quviasukvik: The Inuit Winter Festival & Christmas


Have you wondered how the Inuit celebrated the New Year and if there was a celebration that resembled Christmas? The Inuit obviously had traditions before European contact but curious what they were, and did they converge with European traditions in any ways? Quviasukvik is the Inuit winter feast that celebrates the coming year and placates […]

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13 Dec 2019 | Community News

Iqaluit’s Santa Claus Parade

Have you wondered the holidays look like in the North? Some could joke that Iqaluit is so much close to the North Pole, Santa he must visit here often. Well, this week was the Santa Claus Parade, so you’d be right. Come visit Iqaluit’s Santa Claus Parade and learn what the holidays are like in […]

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06 Dec 2019 | Arctic Animals

Narwhal Tusk Facts: Did You Know

narwhals tusks

Yes, narwhals are real and a tusked narwhal can feel fantastical to see in person. Narwhal whales can sometimes seem like a myth and people have wondered for ages just why narwhal even have a tusk. It’s wild how much a tusk can set an animal apart from others. It makes them stand out and […]

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