15 Apr 2021 | Arctic History

The Kayaks of Baffin Island

The kayak has been an invaluable part of northern life from its creation to modern times. Now they are found across the globe on lakes, rivers and oceans. But once they were utilized by Arctic peoples to hunt on the open seas. Joins us as we explore the kayak and its place in Baffin Island’s […]

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07 Apr 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Polar Bears Spend Their Summers Along the Coast

Most of us would prefer to spend our summers on the beach or close to the water but have you ever wondered why polar bears do? In the past, we’ve highlighted that Baffin Island’s western coast is the best place to see polar bears during the summer and that polar bear boat tours are the […]

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31 Mar 2021 | Arctic Travel Tips

Why Small Group Travel Is the Vacation of the Future

One of the things that will likely change after we begin travelling again is our need for space. We’ve taken weekend trips to explore National Parks and hiking trails, yet we’ve noticed the crowds like never before. Many of us have formed such close bonds with a small group of close friends and family. Often, […]

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