26 Jul 2019 | Arctic Travel Tips

Small Group Perspective: A Day In The Life

Floe edge photographers

There are so many reasons why our small-group safaris make a magical and memorable experience, but can you picture what it’s like to be there? Are you interested in an example of a day in the life of a small group wildlife tour in the Arctic? With so many wildlife tours trying to pack in […]

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19 Jul 2019 | Arctic Animals

The Other Amazing Animals to See On Our Polar Bear Safaris

Arctic Fox

One of the most asked questions about our wildlife viewing is, will we see a polar bear. The polar bear is so iconic to the Arctic, and Baffin Island has a strong, healthy population. And of course, they are spectacular to see in person, in this Arctic setting. But the Arctic is home to many […]

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12 Jul 2019 | Inuit Culture/Art

Get To Know Nunavut On Its 20th Anniversary

Nunavut Flag

This week was Nunavut Day and we’re so excited to celebrate this incredible place! On April 1, 1999, Canada’s map was redrawn to include a new territory, Nunavut, a homeland for the Inuit. The Northwest Territories was divided into two, the East which had an 85% Inuit population would become Nunavut, and the west which […]

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