04 Sep 2020 | Arctic History

What Is An Inukshuk?

Did you know, most people call the wrong stone sculpture an “inukshuk”? The human-shaped sculptures actually have a different name! In Canada, we see these structures on highways and at ski resorts. They became prominent during the Vancouver Olympics and you see them in major airports. But these sculptures are actually called an “inunnguaq,” which […]

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28 Aug 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Summer In The Arctic: A Photographic Tour

What do you picture when you think of summer in the Arctic? Can you imagine hiking in comfortable weather or kayaking on the Arctic Ocean? The summer is a beautiful time in the north when animals are lounging during the longer days and often swimming. While people are exploring landscapes and enjoying outdoor activities. Join […]

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21 Aug 2020 | Arctic Animals

3 Fun & Educational Articles For The Whole Family

Do you and your family enjoy nature and wildlife documentaries? Learning the strange quirks that animals have and their interesting stories? It can feel like you’re watching a miniseries finding out about exciting history like Vikings in Canada. With kids getting ready for school, whatever that may look like, here is a chance for you […]

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