13 Mar 2020 | Team Interviews

Chewin’ The Fat With Arctic Kingdom’s favourite Chef and Entrepreneur, Matt Binkley

Chewin’ The Fat

We were so excited to listen to a recent interview on Chewin’ The Fat with Arctic Kingdom’s favourite chef, Matt Binkley. Matt started the company, Culinary Search Group, that provides Arctic Kingdom with our exceptional gourmet chefs that produce masterful gourmet meals in our remote Arctic safari camps for guests from all over the world. […]

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06 Mar 2020 | Arctic Animals

Female Polar Bears Are Truly The Queens Of The Arctic

Female Polar Bears

We have noticed the epithet often given to polar bears, “Kings of the Arctic” is unfair and doesn’t do justice to the most important figure in the Arctic, the mother polar bear. When we think of the sacrifices that mother polar bears endure and the role they play in preparing the next generation of polar […]

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27 Feb 2020 | Arctic Animals

Our 3 Top Polar Bear Blogs for International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day

Today is International Polar Bear Day! At Arctic Kingdom, we love all things polar – but polar bears may just be our favourite! That isn’t to discount the other truly spectacular animals that call the north home, but the polar bear is the most iconic symbol of the Arctic. Polar bears only live in the […]

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