A bucket list is a set of goals or achievements you wish to accomplish in your lifetime. At Arctic Kingdom, we make that wish list a reality.

The Arctic is the home to some of the world’s top bucket list activities and experiences. You can see such elusive animals that most people think they’re a myth, like narwhal whales, or see natural phenomena that most people will only dream of witnessing, such as glaciers and the aurora borealis.

If you want to find out the best way to experience the north’s most remarkable features, then come explore our favourite bucket list trips.


Witness The Northern Lights

Seeing the twirling colours of the aurora borealis has a place on almost everyone’s bucket list. It excites our imagination to think of the greens, purples, and blues of the northern lights dance above our head.

Yet, the main thing that holds people back from this experience is the belief that it is too far away. That is why Arctic Kingdom makes it easy and comfortable to visit the north. A number of our trips provide amazing opportunity to see this natural phenomenon burst across the night sky.

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Visit The Top & Bottom of the World

The polar regions are havens for pristine landscapes, where nature rules the land and few people ever visit.

Traveling to the North Pole is something explorers fantasied about for centuries. Now, you can follow in the footsteps of history’s most famous adventurers. Take a boat through the legendary Northwest Passage and arrive at the North Pole in comfort.

Antarctica is the home of penguins and glaciers. Since adventure doesn’t have to be synonymous with discomfort, we’ve made it easier to explore the iceberg shores of the southern continent. Fly over the rocky waters of the Cape Horn and Drake Passage and set sail from King George Island. Here you can enjoy a more comfortable voyage across the Antarctic Circle and into the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica.

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Our Trips With Multiple Bucket List Activities

Some trips you hear about focus on just one activity or feature limited highlights, but Arctic Kingdom build trips that will blow you away.

Imagine how incredible it would be to see narwhals swimming right in front of you and then before bed you look up to see the northern lights exploding across the night sky.

Another epic way to explore the Arctic is to visit in the summertime. Enjoy warmer and longer days where you can use your time boating along the shoreline. Here, you can find polar bears resting among the coves and beaches. Their bright fur stands out against the dark rock, so you can see multiple bears a day. And if it isn’t enough seeing the world’s largest carnivore from a safe but intimate distance, you can visit a glacier that reaches the Arctic Ocean creating new icebergs before your eyes.

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Experience The Arctic On A Safari

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By: Mathew Whitelaw