The Arctic is one of the most spectacular – yet mysterious – places on the earth.

Many people are missing out on all the amazing things about Arctic travel simply because they never had the chance to learn.

If you want to know more and get inspired about our favourite, vast wilderness, you’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll find short webinars about the different wonders of Arctic travel and how you can experience them on our trips.


Archived Webinars

Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari | 2019

Discover how you can experience polar bear, whales, and more on our fly-in floe edge trip.

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Polar Bears & Northern Lights

Learn how to experience polar bears & Northern Lights on bucket list trips to the Arctic.

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Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari

Learn how to experience polar bears close-up, from ground level, on remote Arctic tundra. Plus, Northern Lights at night.

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Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari

Learn how to experience narwhal, polar bears, the Midnight Sun and more on this fly-in floe edge tour.

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Polar Bears & Glaciers of Baffin Island

Find out how to experience the best of Arctic summers: Polar bears, glaciers, icebergs & more!

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Family Travel to the Arctic

Find out why the Arctic is a great destination for family travel, and all the family-friendly Arctic trip options.

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Great Migrations of the Northwest Passage

Find out how to see narwhal, beluga, and polar bears on the ultimate Arctic wildlife safari.

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Polar Bears for Every Season

Discover how to get opportunities to view polar bears in every season, on polar bear tours from March to November.

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Spring Polar Bears & Icebergs of Baffin

Get the chance to capture rare photographs of polar bears and icebergs in the heart of Canada’s high Arctic in March and April.

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Autumn Tundra Polar Bear Adventures

Discover polar bears close-up, from ground-level, on Arctic tundra in October and November.

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Private Journeys in the Arctic

Bring your Arctic dreams to life on fully-custom experiences in exclusive, remote locations.

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