Why Travel with Us?

We take people out on the land, in small groups led by local guides for close-up encounters with wildlife. Absolutely unique, it is an experience of a lifetime, beyond imagination.

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We are passionate explorers and spirited dreamers.

Our experience with eco adventures: As true pioneers of Arctic travel and the Arctic safari, we have deep local relations, almost two decades of proven experience, and an unparalleled expertise of the North.

Committed to excellence, we seek to delight guests and share what we believe is the most spectacular place on the planet: intimately, authentically and safely.
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Our Sustainability and Values

Working in some of the most pristine and fragile environments on Earth, and with people who depend on the land to survive, Arctic Kingdom is deeply committed to supporting sustainable practices through all of our eco adventures.

We recognize that climates are changing. Our approach to travel – small, land-based groups – ensures we have a very small travel footprint. Following Inuit teachings, we travel in small groups permitting us to view wildlife, authentically and non-intrusively. At all times we adhere to the Wildlife Policy of Nunavut, including keeping safe distances from wildlife.

Community support and collaboration is essential and we continue to grow strong relations, hire locally and seek development opportunities.

We support the local economies, hiring locally, purchasing and procuring food, goods and materials in community, whenever possible.

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Our Social Responsibility

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Arctic Kingdom strongly supports social responsibility. We work in collaboration with communities and cultural advisors and seek opportunities to contribute positively.

We limit our environmental footprint, operating in small groups and ensuring our camps operate as sustainably as possible (recycling, waste, water).

We strictly adhere to all local requirements restricting or prohibiting drugs and alcohol. We equally adhere to the Wildlife Policy of Nunavut and support environmental and archaeological protection.

Arctic Kingdom and its employees are proud to support various charitable causes through its philanthropy and volunteerism.

Our Philanthropy

We believe it is important to give back and are pleased to support charities contributing to the North via sponsorships and philanthropy. Over the years we have contributed to food banks, the Iqaluit Humane Society, Arts organizations and the WWF.

Have questions or want to submit a letter of interest? Please contact us. Decisions will be made on an on-going basis.

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