19 Oct 2018 | Photography

Expedition Leader Spotlight: Arctic Explorers by Profession, Photographers by Passion

At Arctic Kingdom we take great pride in our team, knowing that our Expedition Leaders have one wild job. Two of our top Expedition Leaders, Dave Briggs and Françoise Gervais, have years of experience in leading Arctic excursions and have developed an incredible base of knowledge around safety, the environment and the wildlife that makes […]

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19 Oct 2018 | Wildlife

Where To See Narwhals

One of the most elusive animals on Earth, it is no wonder so many travellers want to know where to see narwhal. Narwhal watching is one of the most sought-after experiences for Arctic visitors. Known as the “unicorn of the sea” these mythical whales spend their whole lives in the Arctic waters.  The Canadian Arctic is home to estimated 80,000 narwhal – about 75% of the world […]

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12 Oct 2018 | Arctic Travel Tips

When is the Best Time To Visit The Arctic?

With dramatic landscapes and ice formations, unique wildlife, and incredible natural phenomena at any time of year, visiting the Arctic is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many travellers, adventurers, and photographers. We’re thrilled to help people around the world plan their bucket-list experience and find the best time to visit the Arctic. Picking the time of […]

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