22 Aug 2018 | floe edge

When is the best time to visit the floe edge?

Visiting the floe edge, where the land-fast ice meets the open water of the Arctic Ocean, is often regarded as the quintessential Arctic experience. With amazing opportunities to witness the migration of whales including narwhal, beluga and bowhead, as well as polar bear and other Arctic wildlife sightings, it’s no wonder so many polar travellers […]

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21 Aug 2018 | AK NEWS

New Arctic Adventures for 2019

In 2019, we’re celebrating 20 years of Arctic adventures! After two decades of adventures in the North, the pristine beauty, rich culture and intimate wildlife encounters of the Canadian Arctic still takes our breath away. Since our first trip to the Arctic in 1999, we have explored regions across the Arctic from James Bay to […]

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01 Aug 2018 | Polar Bear

Churchill Tundra Buggy vs Arctic Polar Bear Safari

Churchill Tundra Buggy vs Arctic Polar Bear Safari | Arctic Kingdom

For travellers looking for polar bear viewing trips in autumn, Churchill, Manitoba, known as the “polar bear capital of the world”, is often the destination that first comes to mind. A popular way to experience polar bears in Churchill is by tundra buggy or polar rover – a large, all-terrain vehicle used to view polar […]

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