25 Sep 2019 | arctic fox

Our Top Arctic Fox Photos

arctic fox licking it's mouth

We just can’t get enough of Arctic fox! It’s incredibly interesting how they’ve adapted to the Arctic environment and their stunning white coat is iconic to the North. Join us as we show off our top photos of Arctic foxes from our trips and what’s so delightful about them.   They Make Great Models Besides […]

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04 Oct 2019 | Arctic History

The Founding of Iqaluit

Did you know that the city of Iqaluit was a product of World War II? Do you know the Inuit figures vital to the founding of Iqaluit? There is a fascinating story behind how a search for an airplane runway during a war would become Canada’s newest capital. (cbc.ca) Timeline 1576 – English explorer, Martin […]

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27 Sep 2019 | Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis

Breathtaking Northern Lights Photos Throughout The Year

Are you wondering when is the best time to see northern lights in the Canadian Arctic? Are you curious if we offer northern lights opportunities on our wildlife tours on Baffin Island and Hudson Bay? It’s hard to describe the beauty of the northern lights, but luckily, we have some unbelievable photos. Enjoy a photo […]

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