04 Jul 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Arctic Safaris: Great for Family Celebrations & Landmarks

Are you looking for a special way to celebrate a special event with your family? Can you imagine anything more unforgettable than celebrating a landmark birthday like your 60th with friends and family on the trip of a lifetime? It makes us very proud that people choose to mark family celebrations or personal landmarks with […]

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26 Jun 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Travel With The Whole Family: How We Help!

Best Tips for Traveling to the Arctic | Arctic Kingdom

Travelling with your family is great, and here’s why! Sometimes it takes travelling to a new place to be able to disconnect from our daily routines. Once we can stare out at unobstructed beauty can we breathe easier, and as we create memories together that is when families best connect. Share some laughs and build […]

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19 Jun 2020 | Arctic Animals

Fast Facts Caribou: Reindeer vs. Caribou

reindeer or caribou

When some of us think of caribou we picture the majestic migrators travelling vast distances, and when we think of reindeer we often think of Santa’s sleigh. But have you ever wondered what the differences are between reindeer and caribou? Join us as we get to know this beautiful creature a little better!   What’s […]

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