13 Jan 2021 | Arctic Travel Tips

5 Fast Facts About Polar Night

The polar night is one of the most intriguing phenomena that you can experience. Very few of us have ever witnessed it, and yet, most of us know about it. But there are some interesting facts that you may not have heard of if you want to know more about this exciting event. Join us […]

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06 Jan 2021 | Arctic Animals

Where To See Walruses

Walruses are one of the most exciting animals in the north. They’re known for their long tusks and gigantic size, but something is captivating about them and draws travellers from all over the world to see one of the largest Arctic mammals. Their scientific name Odobenus rosmarus, means “tooth walking sea horse” and is entirely […]

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09 Dec 2020 | Arctic History

Northern Lights and Their Myths

There’s something mystifying seeing the northern lights. They can burst above you in a rush of purples, greens, blues and even reds! Like so many natural wonders it can leave you awe-struck at their magnitude and humbled. Throughout history, peoples and cultures have tried to understand the meaning behind the northern lights. Even today, we’re […]

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