The Top Polar Bucket List Trips

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A bucket list is a set of goals or achievements you wish to accomplish in your lifetime. At Arctic Kingdom, we make that wish list a reality. The Arctic is the home to some of the world’s top bucket list activities and experiences. You can see such elusive animals that most people think they’re a […]

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29 Jul 2022 | Arctic Animals

What Colour is a Polar Bear’s Fur?

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When we think of the snowy Arctic, we envision the mighty polar bear marching across their domain. This iconic white bear is called “wapusk” in the Cree language and “nanook” in Inuktitut. The polar bear doesn’t have white fur and their skin is actually quite dark, so, why do we think of it as the […]

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22 Jul 2022 | Arctic Travel Tips

The Ice Caps of Baffin Island

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Few places on Earth can host an ice cap. They are tremendously large and can cover vast areas with snow and ice. While they do not only exist in a polar region, the oldest ice caps do. The ice caps of Baffin Island are remnants of a past Ice Age and are the oldest ice […]

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