15 Feb 2019 | Arctic Travel Tips

A Great Family Trip: Arctic Safaris

Are you looking for a family vacation to the Arctic? With the opportunity to see stunning landscapes, have remarkable wildlife experiences, talk with local Inuit to learn of their long and proud cultural heritage. It’s no wonder an Arctic safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is a trip unlike any other! Imagine watching the Northern […]

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08 Feb 2019 | Arctic Animals

Arctic Wildlife Behaviour: Photographing wild personalities

If you’re a photographer — professional or amateur, and if you want to capture that certain moment with wildlife, then you know the trick is to capture an experience that represents a personality. Finding the moment that’s funny or nurturing, curious or bizarre, or simply endearing. Knowing animal behaviour is the trick that will help […]

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01 Feb 2019 | floe edge

What Is The Floe Edge

Are you wondering what exactly the floe edge is? Or where the best place to see narwhal or belugas are in the Arctic? Looking to find polar bears in spring? We’ll explain what makes the floe edge and why it’s a wildlife hub! Let’s dive into what makes this ecosystem so active and the wildlife […]

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