31 Jul 2020 | Arctic Animals

What Are Summer Polar Bears Up To?

When we think of polar bears, it’s often images of icebergs or roaming frozen sea-ice and tundra. Yet, the Arctic has a summer like everywhere else with longer warmer days. Are you wondering how polar bears spend their summer? They spend their winters out on the sea-ice, but when summer comes, where do they go? […]

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24 Jul 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Get to Know Iqaluit

With a chime over the intercom, the flight attendant announced we were beginning our descent. Already? I hadn’t even finished the movie I’d downloaded onto my phone. It was my second time visiting Iqaluit, Nunavut yet I could not grasp how in less than four hours I had travelled from Ottawa to north of the […]

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09 Jul 2020 | Arctic History

It’s Nunavut Day!

Nunavut Day

In the past we have written about the creation of Nunavut, as a legislative homeland for the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic with Inuit leaders deciding their future and voicing their concerns. Recognizing that the entire Canadian Arctic was being represented as one Territory, the Northwest Territories, which covered a staggering area and wide array […]

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