05 May 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Do Whales Molt?

There has been some really interesting new research into why whales molt (also spelt moult), the exfoliating of their skin during the summer. Little of this behaviour is truly understood but studies are developing better answers for why whales, that spend time in polar regions, need to shed their skin. Arctic Kingdom trips on Baffin […]

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28 Apr 2021 | Arctic Travel Tips

Why Photographers Love Summer on Baffin Island

Can you imagine what a photographer’s wonderland the Arctic is during the summer? It’s easier to protect your equipment from the elements because you’ve traded the snow for summer weather. It’s warmer during the days so you can spend more time photographing the wildlife. And the animals are often easier to find… and that’s just […]

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22 Apr 2021 | Current Events

It’s Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and that means one thing, more than 1 billion people around the world are taking part in the largest civic observance in the world! For more than 50 year there have been Earth Day activities and education opportunities that countries and individuals can participate. This year’s theme is Restore Our Earth […]

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