16 Aug 2019 | Arctic History

Baffin Island: The Vikings’ First Stop to the New World

Many people now recognize that Vikings were the first Europeans to reach the new world but did you know that it was Baffin Island that they first saw as they left Greenland. Some even know the story of Leif Erikson, but he wasn’t the first to set eyes on the Americas. He was retracing the […]

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08 Aug 2019 | Arctic Travel Tips

20 Fast Facts About Nunavut

It’s been 20 years since Nunavut became the newest territory in Canada and at Arctic Kingdom, we’ve been there since 1999 and know what a remarkable place it is. Explore our 20 fast facts about Nunavut! 1. Nunavut is Canada’s largest province/territory with a total area of 2,093,190 sq. km. (almost 1 million square miles) […]

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02 Aug 2019 | Arctic Animals

The Story Of A Migrating Narwhal

One of the most rewarding parts of our Baffin Island whale tours is that we are land-based, which means that we aren’t introducing noise pollution that affects the Arctic whales, and we operate in small groups which means we aren’t overwhelming their environment. Narwhals are one of these Arctic whales that delight and inspire so […]

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