03 Apr 2020 | Arctic Animals

What Is Polar Bear Alley

At Arctic Kingdom, we can’t help but daydream about the wild animals right now. We’re finding ourselves imagining polar bears roaming expansive tundra or walking peacefully along shorelines. We thought it could be a good time to talk about the polar bear migration. Did you know that there is a polar bear migration? Join us […]

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27 Mar 2020 | Arctic History

What We Learned In The Search For Sir John Franklin

Sir John Franklin

One of the most enduring mysteries of the Age of Discovery, when sailors and explorers from across Europe went forth in search of new lands to discover or blank spaces on the map to chart, is the story of Sir John Franklin’s fateful expedition. Two ships, the Erebus and the Terror would depart on an […]

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20 Mar 2020 | Books

11 Arctic Books: Arctic Kingdom’s Book Club

Arctic Books

At Arctic Kingdom, we know the relief and calming nature of a good book. Whether it’s while you’re waiting for iconic wildlife to appear before your eyes, or for right now when we might need a good book to distract us with thoughts of the Arctic and adventures to come. For all of our friends […]

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