02 Dec 2020 | Team Interviews

Staff Picks: Arctic Kingdom Book Club

Dear Friends, We continue to think of you and ways to best manage this time. Many of us are yearning for new stories and are looking for chances to travel vicariously through movies and novels. A good story can transport us all over the world! We can learn about new places we want to visit […]

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25 Nov 2020 | Arctic Animals

A Reindeer’s Biggest Migration: Santa’s Sleigh

It’s coming to be the holiday season and for some of us, that means telling stories of Santa Claus and all of his trusted reindeer. But have you ever wondered why is it reindeer? Today we will explore one reason they are synonymous with the greatest seasonal migration of all time and why this wandering […]

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Bucket List Trip: 24 Hrs of Night!

Are you looking for a trip like no other? A unique event that few people experience. Have you dreamed of experiencing 24 hours of nighttime above the Arctic Circle? Arctic Kingdom is your Arctic Travel Experts and that means we provide our unparalleled logistical and geographical experience to build once-in-a-lifetime trips. Our selection of bucket […]

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