25 Sep 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Why the Arctic is the Wanderlust Capital

With the fall emerging are you not ready to hunker down for winter? Are you still feeling a desire to explore natural wonders and see new horizons? You may be suffering from a little something called, Wanderlust, and we’ve got the place for you. Wanderlust is the desire to travel to new and wondrous places […]

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18 Sep 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Arctic Bucket List Trip: Seeing Narwhals & Glaciers

Are you wondering what Arctic adventures await you? Have you heard of our Narwhal & Polar Bear, A Floe Edge Safari, where you are surrounded by mountains, glaciers, icebergs, and the near-mythical narwhal? Arctic safaris are the best way to witness rarely seen animals surrounded by breathtaking scenery by exploring a landscape that is so […]

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11 Sep 2020 | Arctic Travel Tips

Arctic Safari Canada: Guide to Iconic Wildlife and Landscapes

The Arctic is one of the great wildernesses where animals roam freely and dramatic landscapes surround you in panoramic beauty. Polar bears lord over a landscape with equally exciting and iconic creatures like the tusked narwhal and the stunning white Arctic foxes. If you have been dreaming of visiting the Arctic than we have the […]

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