19 May 2022 | Landscape

How Glaciers Shape Their Landscapes

The geography of glaciers is a fascinating story filled with breathtaking features that most of us yearn to visit. The towering mountains that hold glaciers out of reach, or deep river valleys that have been carved millennia ago from massive ice sheets working their way towards the ocean fill our fantasies and wish lists to […]

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11 May 2022 | Conservation

How Glaciers Are Formed

There is something ancient and powerful about seeing a glacier in person. Some of us have seen glaciers from an airplane or on a ski trip and it can feel like you caught a glimpse of a celebrity. They can be found in the highest parts of our planet and most of us live far […]

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05 May 2022 | Arctic History

How Iqaluit Helped in World War II

The Iqaluit Airport is more than the gateway to much of the Canadian Arctic, it has a long history that includes having a role in one of world’s largest events. This dynamic city formed on the banks of the Sylvia Grinnell River became a permanent settlement in an effort to support the Allies and fight […]

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