21 Jun 2019 | Polar Bear

Spring Polar Bear Safari vs. Hudson Bay Polar Bear Cabins

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Do you want to see polar bears but don’t know where, or when is the best to see them? Are you wondering what season is best to see a female bear and her cubs?  Would you like to make life-long memories and phenomenal photos? Explore two of our trips that bring you spectacular polar bear […]

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27 Feb 2019 | Arctic Animals

Polar Bears: How They’ve Adapted To Their Arctic Realm

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In the spirit of International Polar Bear Day, we are excited to highlight this day because we love polar bears. They are perhaps, the most iconic image of the Arctic, with their fluffy fur roaming their habitat hunting seal, foraging in the off-season, a caring-mother bear with her cubs or swimming among icebergs. Countless images […]

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18 Jan 2019 | Arctic Travel Tips

Spring In The Arctic

Narwhal AB 1571 by Michelle Valberg bannersize

The great thing about the Arctic is that it offers something incredible year-round, but spring really is special. It’s not just the longer daylight for wildlife viewing opportunities or the warmer temperatures. The Arctic just comes to life in the spring. As newborn polar bear cubs emerge from their den and Arctic whales begin their […]

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