01 Mar 2022 | Arctic Animals

10 Fast Fact About Polar Bears

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It’s Polar Bear Week and we are so excited because we love to talk polar bears! They have developed some remarkable adaptive traits that have helped them in their northern home. So, we thought we’d explore some fast facts about these remarkable creatures. Join us as we explore some fast facts about the Lords of […]

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24 Feb 2022 | Arctic Animals

Whales of the Arctic

Narwhal in pool at floe edge TODD MINTZ IMG 4683

With World Whale Day happening recently, we thought we would introduce you to some of the whales that call the Canadian Arctic home. Even though this day was started in Hawaii to bring attention to humpback whales making their annual migrations and environmental awareness, we hope to bring some light on some more northern whales […]

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18 Feb 2022 | Arctic Animals

How You Can See Polar Bear Cubs In Their Habitat

Photo by Jaime Sharp Paddler location antarctica 8948

There are few experiences on Earth that can match seeing newborn polar bear cubs playing in the snow. There is an amazing innocence to their games and the tenderness they have with their mother. Imagine seeing those first days when the cubs first emerge from their maternity den and see the big wide world. You […]

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