28 Apr 2022 | Arctic Animals

The Songs of the Narwhal

Eric Baccega Narwhal tusks at Floe edge on Arctic Kingdom Safari ERB5435 scaled

As we get closer to May that means one thing for narwhal, it’s time to begin their miraculous annual migration. Narwhal all across the Arctic will travel from their deep-water winter homes to their summer feeding territories among the shallow bays and river estuaries of the Canadian Arctic. In the spirit of narwhal adoration, we […]

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31 Mar 2022 | Arctic Animals

Get To Know: The Walrus

Richard Roth walrus on ice pan

Walrus are one of the most curiously captivating mammals of the sea. They are truly enormous, but they become fantastically agile in the water. They are one of the most social animals gathering in groups from tens to thousands. You can watch them dive for food or spend the day sleeping and scratching, either way it […]

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09 Mar 2022 | Arctic Animals

World Wildlife Day

Arctic Kingdom NOEL HENDRICKSON  polar bear with 2 cubs pic CTC Polar 1296

Recently, we have commemorated World Wildlife Day and that means we are celebrating the beautiful variety of wild fauna and flora by discussing our impact or restoration goals. World Wildlife Day was created in 2013 at the United Nations General Assembly and has become the most important global annual event dedicated to animals and planets. […]

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