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Facts about Polar Bears

Just the Facts – Polar Bear Facts

Some facts to spur conversation during your next charity polar bear dip. Perhaps these facts about polar bears will inspire your child’s next science fair project. Whatever drew you here, welcome to just the facts – facts about polar bears.

Canadian Polar Bear Facts

  • Canada is the habitat of sixty percent of the world’s polar bear population.
  • The tale side of the Canadian two dollar coin has a picture of a polar bear.
  • The habitat of polar bears in Canada ranges from James Bay in the south to Ellesmere Island in the north and from Labrador in the east to the Alaskan border.
  • Canada is one of five nations that signed the Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears.

Cub watching mother polar bear emerge

General Facts about Polar Bears

  • Polar bears in the wild live about 15 years.
  • During hibernation, the heart rate of a polar bear drops to about 27 beats per minute from about 46 beats per minute
  • Polar bears give birth between four and eight years old.
  • A female polar bear will have an average of five litters of cubs in her life time.
  • Studies have shown that some cubs with the same mother have different fathers.
  • Two-thirds of polar bear litters are twins.



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