29 Jul 2022 | Arctic Animals

What Colour is a Polar Bear’s Fur?

davebriggsphotography 049A0015 scaled

When we think of the snowy Arctic, we envision the mighty polar bear marching across their domain. This iconic white bear is called “wapusk” in the Cree language and “nanook” in Inuktitut. The polar bear doesn’t have white fur and their skin is actually quite dark, so, why do we think of it as the […]

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25 May 2022 | Arctic Animals

Detecting Polar Bear “Fingerprints”

ArcticKingdom James Roberts 15 scaled

Polar bears are more than an icon of the wild northern frontier, they are an important way to track the effect of a changing climate on the Arctic. These animals underwent a remarkable transformation in their genetic traits to match their extreme environment and to excel in it. All of these evolutionary traits took a […]

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04 Mar 2022 | Bucket List Experiences

Get To Know Our Spring Polar Bear Safari

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Are you wondering what is the best way to see polar bears in person? Have you dreamed of seeing them in their natural habitat? Our Spring Polar Bear & Icebergs of Baffin Safari is one of the most exciting ways to explore the Arctic and maybe even see a polar bear cub! Join us as […]

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