12 Jan 2022 | Arctic Animals

A Narwhal Mother & Calf’s Journey

Did you know that narwhal mothers give birth at the furthest extent of their annual migration? Can you imagine being asked to travel hundreds of kilometres out of the Canadian Arctic channels when you were one month old? Baby narwhal whales and their mothers are more than just spectacular to see, they are some of […]

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23 Jun 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Narwhal Are So Elusive & How To See Them

It is fitting that a whale as elusive as the narwhal are surrounded with myths and mysteries. Scientists still don’t fully understand why narwhal have their famous tusk, yet this ivory tooth may have been the origins of the fabled unicorn. This beautiful whale has never survived in captivity so you can only see them […]

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What Private Journey Are You Looking For?

Do you have a group looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Imagine seeing polar bears during the day and looking up at northern lights at night! We know that one bucket list goal makes a good vacation but filling you trip with them is the best vacation. Our expertise means that we are able to offer […]

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