24 Feb 2022 | Arctic Animals

Whales of the Arctic

Narwhal in pool at floe edge TODD MINTZ IMG 4683

With World Whale Day happening recently, we thought we would introduce you to some of the whales that call the Canadian Arctic home. Even though this day was started in Hawaii to bring attention to humpback whales making their annual migrations and environmental awareness, we hope to bring some light on some more northern whales […]

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05 May 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Do Whales Molt?

Bowhead Whale Blow IMG 2801 scaled

There has been some really interesting new research into why whales molt (also spelt moult), the exfoliating of their skin during the summer. Little of this behaviour is truly understood but studies are developing better answers for why whales, that spend time in polar regions, need to shed their skin. Arctic Kingdom trips on Baffin […]

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09 Jan 2018 | Wildlife

Whale Watching in the Arctic: 3 Incredible Whales to Spot at the Floe Edge

Narwhal Tusk AB 1571 by Michelle Valberg

Full of life, the floe edge is one of the natural wonders of the Arctic. In addition to opportunities to view polar bears, sea birds, and seals, the floe edge is a unique destination for whale watching in the Arctic. Far from your typical whale watching excursion, visiting the floe edge in the high Arctic […]

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