08 Jul 2022 | Arctic Animals

The Narwhal Tusk: It’s a Tooth!

Arctic Kingdom Narwhal Polar Bear Safari Michelle Valberg

The narwhal’s tusk has long captured the imagination of people across the globe. They were found in medieval courts and inspired legends of unicorns. Today we’re still trying to understand the mystery of their tusks. What are they for and how do narwhal use them? Are they used for protection like elephant tusks or are […]

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28 Apr 2022 | Arctic Animals

The Songs of the Narwhal

Eric Baccega Narwhal tusks at Floe edge on Arctic Kingdom Safari ERB5435 scaled

As we get closer to May that means one thing for narwhal, it’s time to begin their miraculous annual migration. Narwhal all across the Arctic will travel from their deep-water winter homes to their summer feeding territories among the shallow bays and river estuaries of the Canadian Arctic. In the spirit of narwhal adoration, we […]

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24 Feb 2022 | Arctic Animals

Whales of the Arctic

Narwhal in pool at floe edge TODD MINTZ IMG 4683

With World Whale Day happening recently, we thought we would introduce you to some of the whales that call the Canadian Arctic home. Even though this day was started in Hawaii to bring attention to humpback whales making their annual migrations and environmental awareness, we hope to bring some light on some more northern whales […]

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