23 Jun 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Narwhal Are So Elusive & How To See Them

Michelle Valberg AK floe edge narwhal AB C0789 scaled

It is fitting that a whale as elusive as the narwhal are surrounded with myths and mysteries. Scientists still don’t fully understand why narwhal have their famous tusk, yet this ivory tooth may have been the origins of the fabled unicorn. This beautiful whale has never survived in captivity so you can only see them […]

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05 May 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Do Whales Molt?

Bowhead Whale Blow IMG 2801 scaled

There has been some really interesting new research into why whales molt (also spelt moult), the exfoliating of their skin during the summer. Little of this behaviour is truly understood but studies are developing better answers for why whales, that spend time in polar regions, need to shed their skin. Arctic Kingdom trips on Baffin […]

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