23 Sep 2021 | Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis

Come See The Northern Lights: Easier Than Ever!

Can you think of anything as breathtaking and delightfully shocking as looking up at the night sky and see an explosion of brilliant colours as the northern lights stretch above. One of the biggest things that hold people back from seeing the aurora borealis is how difficult it can be to see them. But how […]

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15 Sep 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Polar Bears Are Waiting for Autumn

While most of us are enjoying each sunny day left and are holding onto every summer moment we can there are some creatures in the north who can’t wait for autumn to arrive. Polar bears across the Arctic are looking out to seas and oceans that are slowly getting colder and closer to freezing over. […]

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08 Jul 2021 | Arctic Animals

A Photo Tour: The Polar Bears of Baffin Island

As we start to travel again, some of us have some pent-up adventure lust that is looking for new and exciting horizons. We want to travel there safely but we’re itching to try something new and outdoors. What better place to explore than Baffin Island, where polar bears and Arctic wildlife venture into breathtaking landscapes […]

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