16 Jun 2021 | Arctic Animals

Polar Bears Are Mostly Canadian

049A2534 scaled

Most people know that polar bears are the largest bear species and the largest land carnivore, but did you know that the majority of the world’s polar bears reside in Canada. This top predator is famous for the amount of territory they cover during the winter when the sea-ice creates an endless platform. But when […]

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05 Apr 2018 | Wildlife

The Best of Baffin Island: Wildlife encounters to add to your bucket list

Narwhal at floe edge

For those looking for a unique travel experience, Baffin Island is a destination you’ll never forget. Baffin Island wildlife include some of the most sought-after animals in the Arctic, including polar bears and the elusive narwhal.  The largest island in Canada – and fifth largest in the world – trips to Baffin Island offer opportunities to observe Arctic […]

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