26 Nov 2021 | Arctic Travel Tips

See Baffin Island from a Qamutiik: A Photo Gallery

IMG 4941 scaled

One of the best ways to take in a landscape is to ride through it. Sounds obvious, but sometimes things are grander than we even imagined. Seeing a cascading waterfall from a glacier melting off the top of a mountain range or standing next to an iceberg frozen into the sea ice and realizing just […]

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12 Nov 2021 | Arctic Animals

Polar Bears Are Migrating Right Now & You Can See It

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As we speak something incredible is happening in the north. Polar bears from James Bay to the north of Hudson Bay are migrating up the coastline towards the frozen sea-ice. While some bears are sitting and waiting for winter to begin other bears are being proactive and seeking out the chill, something they love! Find […]

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15 Jul 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Baffin Island is Polar Bear Central

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Considering Canada is home to over 60% of the world’s polar bears it is only natural that Baffin Island would be polar bear central. As polar bears became a protected and vulnerable species a series of subpopulations were created in order to better study populations and pursue conservation goals. Baffin Island includes more subpopulations than […]

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