29 Jul 2022 | Arctic Animals

What Colour is a Polar Bear’s Fur?

davebriggsphotography 049A0015 scaled

When we think of the snowy Arctic, we envision the mighty polar bear marching across their domain. This iconic white bear is called “wapusk” in the Cree language and “nanook” in Inuktitut. The polar bear doesn’t have white fur and their skin is actually quite dark, so, why do we think of it as the […]

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02 Dec 2021 | Arctic Animals

A Narwhal’s Many Uses For Sea Ice

Narwhal in pool at floe edge TODD MINTZ IMG 4683

Narwhal whales spent much of their life among sea ice. Waiting for frozen sea ice to break up into pack ice and becoming open water is part of their annual migrations.  But sea ice is more than an intricate maze keeping narwhal from their summer territories. It can also provide protection and a safe place […]

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02 Jun 2021 | Arctic Animals

Why Polar Bears Love To Swim

B11I8130 Caroline scaled

With summer quickly approaching many of us are getting excited to do some swimming. A dip in the lake or river is no longer so cold you have to call them Polar Plunges. Do you know who else loves swimming? Polar bears! However, unlike us, polar bears will happily go for a swimming anytime of […]

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