16 Jun 2022 | Wildlife

Arctic Kingdom’s Top Fast Facts

Photo by Jaime Sharp Paddler location antarctica 9040

Over the years we have explored many fascinating subjects as we look at the wonderful places and incredible animals of the Arctic. We have had the chance to find out how polar bears have evolved to camouflage in the Arctic and why narwhals have tusks. We have discussed how glaciers are formed and how these […]

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29 May 2020 | floe edge

What Makes The Floe Edge A Marine Wildlife Hub

DSC 0173

Why is the floe edge known as one of the most exciting places to view Arctic wildlife? What even is the floe edge? Join us as we explore some of the top reasons this place where the sea-ice meets the open ocean is so breathtaking and creates a cycle of life the stirs marine animals […]

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06 Dec 2019 | Arctic Animals

Narwhal Tusk Facts: Did You Know

ARCTIC KINGDOM Narwhal Eric Baccega ERB5929

Yes, narwhals are real and a tusked narwhal can feel fantastical to see in person. Narwhal whales can sometimes seem like a myth and people have wondered for ages just why narwhal even have a tusk. It’s wild how much a tusk can set an animal apart from others. It makes them stand out and […]

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