17 Jan 2020 | floe edge

10 Bucket List Reasons to do a Narwhal Safari

AK Watching Narwhal at Floe edge DSC 0173 Thomas Lennartz

Our Narwhal & Polar Bears, A Floe Edge Safari is a bucket list trip filled with unique experiences you’ll never forget, in a pristine landscape and one of the last true wildernesses on Earth. Join us as we explore 10 reasons why our narwhal safari is a trip you’ll want to make!   1.)  Seeing the […]

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11 Dec 2018 | TRIPS

Gourmet Food in the Arctic

AB 5809 by Michelle Valberg Arctic Kingdom

The only thing better than spending a day exploring the Arctic and photographing incredible wildlife is ending that day with a hot, gourmet meal prepared by a master chef.  Many travellers visit the Arctic with hopes to spot iconic wildlife and photograph spectacular landscapes. They’re not always thinking about the meals. Once they journey north, they’re often surprised about the gourmet food that awaits them at […]

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28 Sep 2018 | TRIPS

Why the Floe Edge

IMG 4986

The floe edge is one of the great natural wonders of the Arctic, and the world. A quintessential Arctic experience, there’s no wonder travellers from around the world are adding this to their bucket list. With the Midnight Sun shining above, incredible scenery, and opportunities to view unique wildlife found only in the Arctic, the […]

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