20 Sep 2019 | Photography

People & Polar Bear Photobombing

MG 4029

We’re so proud of the fact that all of the photos we use for promotion and on social media are our own. Our expedition leaders are often phenomenal photographers in their own right but we also are fortunate to have such talented guests. But what’s missed is the position our guests get into for these […]

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05 May 2019 | Photography

You Can Have Photos Like Ours!

Arctic Kingdom NOEL HENDRICKSON Person polar bear mother and cub CTC Polar 521

At Arctic Kingdom, one thing we’re very proud of is the fact that we don’t use any stock photos. All of our photos are provided by our expedition leaders and guests. What does that mean? You can have incredible photos too! Our Guides and the Photos They Take Have you seen our photos on social […]

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08 Feb 2019 | Arctic Animals

Arctic Wildlife Behaviour: Photographing Wild Personalities

MG 5602 e1582559231208

If you’re a photographer — professional or amateur, and if you want to capture that certain moment with wildlife, then you know the trick is to capture an experience that represents a personality. Finding the moment that’s funny or nurturing, curious or bizarre, or simply endearing. Knowing animal behaviour is the trick that will help […]

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