22 Jul 2022 | Arctic Travel Tips

The Ice Caps of Baffin Island

T5 2019 MatWhitelaw DSC 0563 470 scaled

Few places on Earth can host an ice cap. They are tremendously large and can cover vast areas with snow and ice. While they do not only exist in a polar region, the oldest ice caps do. The ice caps of Baffin Island are remnants of a past Ice Age and are the oldest ice […]

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02 Jun 2022 | Landscape

Explore Auyuittuq National Park

Crusing in baffin island fiord DSC2842 scaled

It is one of the most beautiful and stark landscapes in Canada and has excited adventurers for decades. It was once called, Baffin Island National Park before being renamed Auyuittuq “the land that never melts.” This is a brilliant name for a place that is covered in ice caps and flooded with glaciers. If you […]

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19 May 2022 | Landscape

How Glaciers Shape Their Landscapes

Stephen Gorman Arctic Kingdom 2013 31

The geography of glaciers is a fascinating story filled with breathtaking features that most of us yearn to visit. The towering mountains that hold glaciers out of reach, or deep river valleys that have been carved millennia ago from massive ice sheets working their way towards the ocean fill our fantasies and wish lists to […]

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