25 May 2022 | Arctic Animals

Detecting Polar Bear “Fingerprints”

ArcticKingdom James Roberts 15 scaled

Polar bears are more than an icon of the wild northern frontier, they are an important way to track the effect of a changing climate on the Arctic. These animals underwent a remarkable transformation in their genetic traits to match their extreme environment and to excel in it. All of these evolutionary traits took a […]

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24 Dec 2021 | Inuit Culture/Art

Quviasukvik: The Inuit Winter Festival & Christmas

Credit Marie Claire van Wagner 10 scaled

Have you wondered how the Inuit celebrated the New Year and if there was a celebration that resembled Christmas? The Inuit obviously had traditions before European contact but curious what they were, and did they converge with European traditions in any ways? Quviasukvik is the Inuit winter feast that celebrates the coming year and placates […]

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05 Nov 2021 | Arctic History

International Inuit Day

unnamed file 1 scaled

This week, on November 7th, is International Inuit Day and we thought we would bring attention to the remarkable organization and movement for Inuit representation of the people of Nunavut. The word “Nunavut” means “our land,” and it is their right to take part in their government. On April 1, 1999, Canada’s map was redrawn […]

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