26 Nov 2021 | Arctic Travel Tips

See Baffin Island from a Qamutiik: A Photo Gallery

IMG 4941 scaled

One of the best ways to take in a landscape is to ride through it. Sounds obvious, but sometimes things are grander than we even imagined. Seeing a cascading waterfall from a glacier melting off the top of a mountain range or standing next to an iceberg frozen into the sea ice and realizing just […]

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29 May 2020 | floe edge

What Makes The Floe Edge A Marine Wildlife Hub

DSC 0173

Why is the floe edge known as one of the most exciting places to view Arctic wildlife? What even is the floe edge? Join us as we explore some of the top reasons this place where the sea-ice meets the open ocean is so breathtaking and creates a cycle of life the stirs marine animals […]

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17 Jan 2020 | floe edge

10 Bucket List Reasons to do a Narwhal Safari

AK Watching Narwhal at Floe edge DSC 0173 Thomas Lennartz

Our Narwhal & Polar Bears, A Floe Edge Safari is a bucket list trip filled with unique experiences you’ll never forget, in a pristine landscape and one of the last true wildernesses on Earth. Join us as we explore 10 reasons why our narwhal safari is a trip you’ll want to make!   1.)  Seeing the […]

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