17 Apr 2020 | AK NEWS

Arctic Kingdom’s Dave Briggs features in this National Geographic Article

DSC0183 Copy1

We were so excited to hear that a National Geographic writer wanted to talk with our very own, Dave Briggs, Arctic Kingdom’s Expedition Leader. They asked him questions about one of our favourite Arctic residence, the narwhal! Arctic Kingdom was honoured to be mentioned throughout the article for our unequalled narwhal and floe edge trip, […]

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08 Jun 2018 | Featured Trip

Why We Love Autumn Polar Bear Tours

AK Mother and Cub MG 0802

Travellers love autumn in the Arctic for intimate wildlife viewings in one of the most reliable polar bear viewing locations. Directly north of Churchill, Manitoba, Western Hudson Bay is world renowned as one of the most dependable and magnificent polar bear sighting areas. There’s a reason the location for our Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari […]

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28 Feb 2018 | Featured Trip

Travellers Drink from Iceberg – Nature’s Water Fountain!

Drinking from Iceberg Full Dave Briggs 20170

Icebergs are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena of the Arctic. Coming in a variety of artistic shapes, sizes, and colouration, icebergs create irresistible photography. Close-encounters with soaring icebergs are a dream of many adventures and travellers alike. Travellers on our summer Arctic safari, Polar Bears & Glaciers of Baffin Island, love exploring the […]

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