28 Jan 2022 | Arctic Animals

Newborn Polar Bear Cubs Are Emerging Soon!

049A3065 scaled

One of the most exciting times of the year in the Arctic is when polar bear cubs start to come out of their maternity dens and start to explore the world around. In the coldest and harshest parts of the winter, pregnant polar bears will build maternity den so they can give birth in a […]

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07 Jan 2022 | Arctic Travel Tips

Bucket List Activities & Phenomena You Can Experience

ARCTIC KINGDOM PHIL MCCOMISKEY Iqaluit Northern lights whalebone IMGP6372 scaled

As we start the new year we can’t help but start to day dream about what we want to accomplish. All the work goals we are preparing for but also our vacation plans. We’ve realized lately that travel is something we cannot take for granted so when you plan your next trip try to make it unforgettable.  […]

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31 Dec 2021 | Arctic Travel Tips

Our New Year’s Wildlife Bucket List

Arctic Kingdom Narwhal Polar Bear Safari Michelle Valberg

Today is New Years and that means making plans for next year. One of the most exciting things to plan are our vacations and building a bucket list you can accomplish this next year.   The good news is that Arctic Kingdom specializes in helping you achieve your bucket list goals. Our safaris offer the […]

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