25 Sep 2019 | arctic fox

Our Top Arctic Fox Photos

polar 7

We just can’t get enough of the Arctic fox! It’s incredibly interesting how they’ve adapted to the Arctic environment and their stunning white coat is iconic to the North. Join us as we show off our top photos of Arctic foxes from our trips and what’s so delightful about them.   They Make Great Models […]

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18 Sep 2018 | arctic fox

Friendly Arctic Fox Greets Explorers


Remote Arctic tundra is a place where polar bears are often the star of the show. To the delight of guests on Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari in November 2017, a furry Arctic fox stole the spotlight. While out taking photos of sea ice, our very own Dave Briggs, Senior Expedition Leader at Arctic Kingdom […]

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06 May 2018 | arctic fox

Top 10 Fun Facts About Arctic Fox

MG 3626

By: Liz Carino While polar bears are the most popular animals that travellers want to see and photograph when visiting the Arctic, the Arctic fox is another favourite among guests! With their playful nature, once encountered, the Arctic fox instantly gains popularity with guests. Arctic foxes have such a cheeky personality that they are also known as […]

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