Host an Expedition and Earn up to $23,445

Offer a Once in a Lifetime Photographic Experience and
Host a Group to the Floe Edge + Receive a Complimentary Trip + Earn up to $23,445

Min Group Size 7 – Earn $7,300 CAD | Max Group Size 15 – Earn $23,445 CAD

Limited departures available for 2020 and 2021

The Experience

narwhal photo expedition leader program - Photo Expedition Leader Program

Narwhal & Polar Bear – A Floe Edge Safari 

Travel to the northern reaches of Baffin Island for this premiere floe edge tour. Get aerial views of spectacular High Arctic landscapes and get unparalleled opportunities of a chance to photograph narwhal, polar bears, beluga and other wildlife on daily journeys to the floe edge.

Departures in May & June. Prices from CAD $19,719 per person (approximately $15,775 USD)

Narwhal & Polar Bear – A Floe Edge Safari

IMG 4941 - Photo Expedition Leader Program

How It Works

  • Offer a group expedition through your network
  • Receive a complimentary Arctic experience as a Group Leader
  • Receive complimentary airfare from Ottawa to Pond Inlet
  • Join Arctic experts and local Inuit guides for the trip of a lifetime
  • Experience dramatic landscapes and get rare wildlife photography opportunities including narwhal, polar bears and more.
  • Get official recognition as an Arctic Kingdom Photography Expert

We Make It Easy!

Here’s what we’ll do for you & your group:

  • Create a dedicated web page and content featuring your group departure
  • Provide digital assets including photos and videos to help you entice participants
  • Provide a dedicated sales and customer support team to assist your group with booking and pre-departure information
  • Host you and your group for an Arctic adventure of a lifetime!

narwhal by pool w photographer - Photo Expedition Leader Program

Get Started!

Contact Michael Geske at or call toll free 1.888.737.6818 x 123 to learn how to become an Arctic Kingdom Photo Expedition Leader.

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