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Polar Bears

Polar Bear Trips

Arctic Kingdom operates more scheduled polar bear trips to the Canadian Arctic than any travel company in the world. We also operate private, custom-designed polar bear trips.

Polar bear trips for all seasons

Polar bear trips at sunsetFrom newborn cubs and their mothers to a sunny Arctic summer afternoon with a solitary male swimming to escape the heat, we have a polar bear experience to engage, inform and leave you awed. Dare to compare.

Many names for polar bears

Nanuq is just one name Inuit give to the great white bear of the North. Atiqtalaaq is the word they use for newborns. Atiqtalik is the name used to refer to mothers that have emerged from the birthing den with their atiqtaq – newly emerged cubs. Polar bears are sacred to Inuit. They are treated with respect, and even reverence.

During the first year of life, researchers refer to polar bear cubs as COYs – cubs of the year. Between one and two years of age, polar bear cubs are referred to as yearlings. The sub-adult stage ranges from 2.5 to 5 years of age. A polar bear is called an adult at five years of age and older.



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