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About Polar Bears

Scientists estimate that there are 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears living in the wild in five countries: Canada, Russia, Greenland, Norway and the USA. Sea bear is the translation of the Latin name of the species – ursus maritimus. Most polar viewing in the wild occurs on the water from passenger vessels. There is one exception in North America – in the Canadian Arctic.

Male polar bears are larger than the female. They weigh between 350 and 540 kilograms (775 to 1200 lbs.). Females weigh between 150 and 295 kilograms (330 to 650 lbs.).  The largest polar bear ever recorded was a male weighing almost 1,000 kilograms or over 2200 pounds.

Polar bear cubs are born between November and December, emerging from birthing dens between March and April. Viewing polar bears in the wild is not limited to the dark months of winter and early spring. In addition to the traditional polar bear viewing months, Arctic Kingdom runs wildlife trips between June and August to view polar bears and the species with which they share their habitat – narwhals, walrus and Arctic fox. Learn more about seeing polar bears under the Midnight Sun here >

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