We aim to deliver a safe & seamless experience that meets the quality and high standards you expect from an Arctic Kingdom trip.

Your Safety and Working Together Against COVID-19

Arctic Kingdom operates trips that are ideal for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

  • Small groups
  • Remote, uncrowded locations
  • Lots and lots of open space outdoors

Here is how we will keep our guests, communities, and staff  safe:

  • We have developed and implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 Prevention and Control plan in all our camps
  • Rapid antigen testing will be available in all our camps for individuals exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms
  • Common areas will continue to be cleaned to our high standards
  • Follow all current public health measures
  • We will get outside! We aim to be outside viewing wildlife, hiking, kayaking, snorkelling and enjoying all the Arctic has to offer

Vaccination Requirements

Vaccinations are not a requirement to participate on our safaris nor to enter Canada. However, travellers are responsible to follow Federal and local vaccine mandates, whether for air travel, entry into Canada and/or entry into provinces and territories. Refunds and deferrals will not be permitted for travellers who cannot travel on our safaris and insurance is highly recommended.

It is the traveller’s responsibility to stay up to date with this information and ensure compliance with any and all requirements. The most current information can be found on the Travel Canada website.

COVID Testing

Rapid antigen tests will be available in all our camps for prevention and control of COVID-19.


What vaccines are Health Canada approved?

For the most complete list, please see the Travel Canada website.

Do I need special insurance?

Not all insurance covers costs related to COVID-19. It is important to confirm that your medical and evacuation insurance covers any costs due to COVID.

What are the possible COVID related costs?

Such costs could include but are not limited to, charter flight costs out of camp, extended accommodation in the Arctic Kingdom camp or a local hotel, COVID testing, and medical expenses.

How do I get a COVID test in Canada?

COVID testing services are frequently changing. Please contact your Client Services Representative to assist you on the most current available options.

Do I need a negative COVID test to participate on a trip?

No, a negative COVID test is no longer required for travel or participation.

Do I need a negative COVID test to depart Canada?

Each country has their own rules. It is important to determine the re-entry requirements for your own country, including the type of test that is required.

What happens if I test positive before departure?

Please do not board your flight. The communities in which we work are remote with limited health care. A COVID outbreak can have very serious consequences. Help us work together to keep them safe.

What happens if I test positive in camp?

You will immediately be put in isolation, and we will contact our partner Sirius MedX. Depending on the local guidelines, you may be required to isolate in camp or in a local hotel. You will not be permitted to board any scheduled flights until you are able to complete your mandatory isolation. Arctic Kingdom will assist with all necessary arrangements.