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One of the last great wildernesses on Earth, the Canadian Arctic offers incredible opportunities to view polar bears, narwhal and other wildlife, as well as spectacular scenery and incredible bucket list experiences. From polar bear encounters, to soaring icebergs and the magical Northern Lights, the Arctic is a must-see destination for travellers wanting a unique adventure.

Photographers, wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers seeking once-in-a-lifetime experiences and polar bear or narwhal sightings; we have an Arctic adventure tour for you in 2019.

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Spring Polar Bears & Icebergs of Baffin

9 Days – CAD $14,995 per person | Departure dates: April 2019

Our most adventurous Arctic safari brings you into the heart of the High Arctic in early spring, where travellers seldom go. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and soaring icebergs, experience polar bears close-up in undisturbed splendor as they venture on to the sea ice and climb majestic icebergs. Capture memories of a lifetime with possible sightings of mother and cubs, icebergs and witness the incredible Northern Lights in the evening.

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Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari

7 Days – From CAD $13,450 per person | Departure dates: Multiple dates in May & June

Experience the classic spring floe edge and view polar bears, narwhal and icebergs under the Midnight Sun. Travel to the northern reaches of Baffin Island where the sea ice meets the open water, and marine mammals and other wildlife congregate at the floe edge – also known as the “line of life”. Enjoy a fly-in experience with aerial views of dramatic landscapes and icebergs of Sirmilik National Park, and possibly wildlife. Revel in the stunning landscapes of towering granite cliffs, glaciers and icebergs at our Premium Safari Camp set on an Arctic beach with stunning views of Bylot Island, and access to Sirmilik National Park and the world-renowned floe edge of Lancaster Sound.

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