Arctic Adventure Briefing

Welcome to your trip briefing page!

We are thrilled that you will be joining us on Arctic Snowmobile Weekend. Here you will find all the information, forms and materials you will need before you depart. We recommend you bookmark this page on your computer to use it as reference as you get ready for your trip.

All materials have been carefully crafted to ensure you are fully prepared for your Arctic adventure. Please read everything and let our Client Services Specialist know if you have any questions by contacting


Briefing Guide

The Briefing Guide will fully prepare you for your trip! Please read through this document as it contains important information including packing lists, itinerary, and pre-trip checklist.

Download Briefing Guide


Polar Clothing Rental Package

We want to ensure you enjoy your adventure, no matter what Mother Nature brings. This clothing rental package has been put together based on years of Arctic experience. Please browse our brochure to see what is included. To add the Polar Clothing Rental Package to your invoice see the next link below.

Download Polar Clothing Rental Package Information


Request a Polar Clothing Rental Package

If you are interested in renting our Polar Clothing Rental Package, please fill in the online form. This should be done as soon as possible but at least 60 days prior to your trip. If it is within 60 days please contact Arctic Kingdom to ensure we can still fulfill your order.
Request Clothing Rental


Gateway Request

Please fill out this form as soon as you know your travel plans to the Ottawa airport. Please refer to your invoice for the Trip Name and Travel Dates. Please fill out one form per traveller.
Gateway Request Form


Medical Information

Please fill out the Medical Information form 120 days prior to your trip departure. Every individual is required to fill out their own form. It is important that you do not fill this out prior to this time as we want to ensure your medical information is current as possible. Please refer to your invoice for the Trip Name and Travel Dates. PLEASE NOTE to complete this form your insurance information is required.

Medical Information Form


Emergency Contact Information

Please download this Emergency Contact Information to provide your friends and family while you are away on your Arctic adventure.

Emergency Contact Information


Frequently Asked Questions About This Trip

When do I book my flights?

When booking your flights, be sure to book your arrival into Ottawa on the day before Day 1 of your trip itinerary and to depart home from Ottawa on the day after Day 4 of your trip itinerary.

Where do I pick up my clothing rental?

Please pick up your clothing rental package at the front desk of your Ottawa-area hotel.  Kindly ask the front desk for your clothing rental bags when you check in, as the rental equipment will not be sent to your room.  Please try on and confirm all rental equipment at the hotel prior to flying to Iqaluit.  Please refer to instructions of who to contact in your rental kit in the event of an issue.

Where do I return my clothing rental?

Please drop off your entire clothing rental package in the duffle bag you received it in at the front desk of your gateway hotel in Ottawa.  Please let the staff know that you are dropping this package off for Arctic Kingdom.  Alternatively, if you are not returning to your Ottawa hotel, you can drop the package off at PARS 2000, located on the Arrivals floor next to Baggage Carousel 5 at the Ottawa airport (open 24-hours a day).  Similarly, please inform the staff that you are dropping off a bag for Arctic Kingdom.

Where can I get cash?

There are ATMs available in Ottawa and in Iqaluit.

What will I need cash for?

Any meals other than lunch on Day 2 and 3 are not included. You may also require cash for any incidentals, such as batteries, toiletries, gifts, tips, local art, or any other purchases made in Iqaluit.  

Should I give gratuities?

Tipping is an appreciated, although not compulsory. If you had a great experience and wish to express your thanks, a gratuity is of considerable significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels. The amount you tip Arctic Kingdom staff is completely at your discretion, however, a general guideline of 4 to 5 per cent of your trip fare (excluding airfare) per guest is the average that previous guests have provided.

As most of our field staff live in remote areas of the Arctic, it is preferable that tips are paid in cash at the camp that you are staying. Our Expedition Leader will collect the tips and distribute it amongst the field staff.

Alternatively, you may provide a cheque or wire transfer for tips if it is more convenient for you, but it may cause delays in field staff receiving the tips from head office.

Cheques should be payable to: Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions Inc.

Wire transfer instructions:

Beneficiary: Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions Inc.

Bank: Royal Bank of Canada Institution # 003

Transit #: 07212

Account #: 1010784

Bank Address: 1635 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5M 3X8 Canada


IMPORTANT: Please include client name and trip name.