Experts in Arctic Film Expeditions

With nearly 20 years of experience leading expeditions and providing logistical support across the Canadian Arctic, we are here to assist you with your production.

Whether it’s running the film expedition for the world’s most northern location on land for a feature-length film, or a social media campaign set “at the top of the world” – no matter where you want to shoot or what you need to film, we can help you get the shot.

Remote & Spectacular Film Locations

A highly sought-after location for filming, the Canadian Arctic is known for it’s vast ice and landscapes, iconic wildlife and natural phenomena. It’s home to some of the world’s most remote and incredible destinations – paradise for ultimate adventure seekers.

For film projects centered on specific wildlife, like Arctic wolves, narwhal, or polar bears, the Canadian Arctic has some of the best spots to capture amazing footage. Scientific documentaries, commercials, and even feature films focused on extreme sports are just some of the types of film projects seeking production and location services in the Arctic.

Learn more about the types of film projects we work on, our services, and past projects.

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Filming in the Arctic

Types of Film Projects in the Arctic>

We have supported some of the most significant productions in the Arctic, including feature films, documentaries and commercials, and have worked on productions for BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Red Bull and independent photographers. Learn more about the types of Arctic filming projects we specialize in here.

Arctic Film Location Services>

We can coordinate and manage every facet of your film project, no matter the size of production. Find out our services here.

Past Projects>

From month-long shooting in remote locations with large teams to one-day commercial shoots, we’ve helped bring film concepts to life for directors, producers, and crews from around the world. Check out some of our past work here.

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