“After arriving in the remote community of Pond Inlet, we headed out by sled through the towering high mountains. Soon, I was being presented with the opportunity of Arctic diving under a thousand-year-old glacial iceberg locked in the arctic ice a short distance from camp. My story soon took an unexpected turn.

The iceberg underwater was absolutely stunning bathed in the 24 hours of arctic light and like nothing I had seen before.

On this trip we also had the opportunity to snorkel with murres (penguin like birds) and the mystical tusked narwhal whale as they dove for food under the arctic floe edge ice. One very early morning at 3:00 am, we were able to stand on the same ice as a polar bear, watching it feed on a seal carcass and hear its breath. Since that trip, I have been back to the high arctic a number of times with Arctic Kingdom and each time I get home, I can’t wait to return again.”

- Todd M., Canada.
Travelled on Baffin Island Dive Safari