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Did you know you can see polar bears in the Canadian Arctic nearly year-round? Find out all you need to know about polar bear viewing in our comprehensive guide. Get amazing up-close polar bear encounters on polar bear safaris from March to November.

No matter the season you want to travel in, or the landscapes or other Arctic wildlife you’d like to experience, we have a polar bear safari for you. Our Arctic Travel Advisors are thrilled to help you plan the perfect tour to view polar bears.

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Polar Bear Tours from March to November

Get opportunities to see polar bears in all seasons. See polar bears and newborn cubs on remote sea ice and climbing icebergs in the High Arctic in March and April. Get polar bear viewing opportunities at the floe edge on trips in May and June. Join a polar bear tour in July and August to see polar bears on land and swimming, under the Midnight Sun. In October and November, get chances to spot polar bears up-close on remote Arctic tundra with opportunities to witness the Northern Lights at night.

Cross polar bear viewing off your bucket list this year! Download our guide above to get started.