Looking to expand your photography portfolio? Planning to take your film production to a higher level? One of our Arctic film projects could be the perfect place to make this happen.

Feature Films

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Filming a feature-length film requires large crews, tightly coordinated with equipment and logistics. Pair that with the seemingly unforgiving environments in the most remote places and what would be a hearty job in traditional destinations becomes even more complex in the Arctic – a challenge we’re up to!


Arctic Kingdom specializes in coordinating and running every facet of large feature films in the Arctic. With years of experience, strong knowledge of Arctic wildlife and habitat, and deep-rooted relationships with local Inuit communities, we can get you the shot


We provide producers and directors access to some of the most spectacular scenery, wildlife, and environments in the world. View our Arctic film services to find out how.

Arctic Film Services


Natural history, docudramas, cinema verité, and even reality TV. From underwater to aerial filming to coordinating and recommending talent, we help earn the awards.


Some of the world’s most renowned documentary film makers have come to us to help bring their film projects to life. We have supported documentary film productions focused on rare wildlife, geology, climate, culture and more.


With top Arctic naturalists, Expedition Leaders, and nearly 20-years of experience running expeditions across the Arctic, we can provide the location scouting, logistical support, facilities and more to capture award-winning footage.

See Our Past Projects

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Underwater Filming

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We have supported documentaries in the Arctic focused on wildlife, climate and even underwater filming. One of the most equipment-intensive and specialized type of filming in the Arctic, we are proud to be experts in filming beneath the ice in the Arctic Ocean.


There are endless possibilities for underwater filming in the Arctic, including filming the ice and icebergs from below, capturing elusive whales, walrus, and other creatures you can’t see from above ground. Working with many of the world’s top underwater photographers and filmmakers, we know how to help you get the footage you need.


We can provide everything from tanks, weights and compressors, to safety equipment, topside support and even underwater camera operators or additional divers.

Commercials, Advertising & Event Marketing

Shooting commercials in the polar regions offers stunning scenery and an association with the most rugged environment on Earth. While commercials shoots can be logistically heavy projects, we can advise on the best, most accessible locations, and offer turn-key solutions to deliver amazing commercials for the world’s leading brands.


From competitions, to sponsored expeditions and product filming, we can assist with all your Arctic filming or equipment needs to move your brand forward. With the rising demand for extreme sports in thrilling, remote locations, the possibilities for sponsored sporting events in the Arctic is unrivalled. From climbing icebergs and cliffs, to heliskiing, kayaking, sailing and even BMX – we can help you take it to the next level.


We work with advertising and marketing agencies, as well as directly with brands, to ensure the creative vision is brought to life.

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