10 Feb 2022 | Arctic Animals

The Polar Bears of Wapusk National Park

Erik Op de Beeck IMG 4573 2 scaled

There is a magical place where newborn polar bears spend the spring playing in the snow and learning new tricks from their mother to live well in their northern home. A place where Arctic fox scavenge meals from wolves and polar bears and herds of caribou roam the open tundra. Wapusk National Park is also […]

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04 Feb 2022 | Community News

Andy MacPherson: An Incredible Life & Friend

Andy 3

This week we felt a significant loss from the passing of Andy Macpherson. He was an inspiring member of the outdoor community and always made new friends.  As I hear from people who knew Andy, I can see that he had an incredible passion for the beautiful places he visited or worked and that he […]

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28 Jan 2022 | Arctic Animals

Newborn Polar Bear Cubs Are Emerging Soon!

049A3065 scaled

One of the most exciting times of the year in the Arctic is when polar bear cubs start to come out of their maternity dens and start to explore the world around. In the coldest and harshest parts of the winter, pregnant polar bears will build maternity den so they can give birth in a […]

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