16 May 2018 | Bucket List Experiences

Bucket List Experiences on Trips to the Arctic Circle

Crossing the Arctic Circle is an item on bucket lists of adventurers from around the globe. For good reasons! Trips to the Arctic Circle allow travellers to discover the incredible beauty of raw, untouched landscapes and unique adventures they can’t get anywhere else in the world. While travelling to the Arctic Circle is a bucket […]

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11 May 2018 | Recent Trips

From the Field: Highlights from Polar Bear Mother & Newborn Cubs 2018

Highlights From Polar Bear Mother & Newborn Cubs Trip | Arctic Kingdom

Running in March, our Polar Bear Mother & Newborn Cubs safari is an incredible experience for travellers looking for sightings of polar bears and newborn cubs emerging from their dens. Our Expedition Leader Françoise Gervais called this year’s trip “an incredible success”. With amazing wildlife sightings and Northern Lights, it’s no wonder our guests left […]

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06 May 2018 | arctic fox

Top 10 Fun Facts About Arctic Fox

10 Fun Facts About The Arctic Fox | Arctic Kingdom

By: Liz Carino While polar bears are the most popular animals that travellers want to see and photograph when visiting the Arctic, the Arctic fox is another favourite among guests! With their playful nature, once encountered, the Arctic fox instantly gains popularity with guests. Arctic foxes have such a cheeky personality that they are also known as […]

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