19 Jan 2018 | Trips

Family-Friendly Travel to the Arctic

Arctic travel is not just for adventure seekers and wildlife photographers. It’s also a unique destination for family travel! With many options for family-friendly travel to the Arctic, you can experience the far North and make family memories to cherish for life. The Canadian Arctic offers opportunities for families to truly unplug and explore nature […]

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09 Jan 2018 | Wildlife

Whale Watching in the Arctic: 3 Incredible Whales to Spot at the Floe Edge

Full of life, the floe edge is one of the natural wonders of the Arctic. In addition to opportunities to view polar bears, sea birds, and seals, the floe edge is a unique destination for whale watching in the Arctic. Far from your typical whale watching excursion, visiting the floe edge in the high Arctic […]

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20 Dec 2017 | AK NEWS

2017 in the Arctic: A Year in Review

A Year in the Arctic

By: Liz Carino As we close out 2017, the Arctic Kingdom team has been busy preparing guests for our upcoming trips, and working closely with local communities and guides to provide exceptional experiences for travellers in 2018. We’re also looking back at what an incredible year we have had in the Canadian Arctic. This year […]

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