25 Sep 2018 | Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis

6 Ways to See the Northern Lights in the Canadian Arctic

Northern Lights igloo Arctic Kingdom

The legendary Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural phenomena in the world, visible in the higher latitudes of the Northern hemisphere. That means one of the best places to see the Northern Lights is in Canada. Viewing this natural light show is easier than you’d think! From August […]

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22 Sep 2018 | Wildlife

10 Fun Facts About Bowhead Whales

Top 10 Fun Bowhead Whale Facts | Arctic Kingdom

Whale watching is one of the most popular experiences travellers want to cross off their bucket lists in the Arctic. Of the few whales that live in the Arctic year-round, bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) are by far the biggest – they’re also one of the most sought-after species for whale watching in the Arctic. Named […]

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20 Sep 2018 | Wildlife

10 Fun Facts About Walrus

walrus facts

By: Liz Carino Thanks to their whiskers, long tusks and massive size, walrus – Odobenus rosmarus – are unmistakably one of the most majestic and recognizable animals in the Arctic. With their numerous cameos in pop culture (including The Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus”), it’s safe to say they are cherished among wildlife enthusiasts around […]

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