11 Dec 2018 | Arctic Animals

Why Arctic Safaris are the new African Safari

When most people think of safaris, they conjure up images of the Serengeti or maybe just of the animals you’d find roaming the savannah. Arctic Safaris can be even more thrilling for wildlife enthusiasts, adventurers and travellers seeking unique experiences.    While much of an Arctic safari is modeled after typical mobile African safaris, from the tented safari camp to wildlife photography opportunities, they offer incredible […]

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11 Dec 2018 | TRIPS

Gourmet Food in the Arctic

The only thing better than spending a day exploring the Arctic and photographing incredible wildlife is ending that day with a hot, gourmet meal prepared by a master chef.  Many travellers visit the Arctic with hopes to spot iconic wildlife and photograph spectacular landscapes. They’re not always thinking about the meals. Once they journey north, they’re often surprised about the gourmet food that awaits them at […]

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11 Dec 2018 | Arctic Travel Tips

Northern Constellations: Star Gazing in the Arctic

The northern sky is home to some remarkable stars and constellations. The Big and Little Dippers can be seen almost anywhere in the northern hemisphere each night. Polaris, the North Star, lies right above the Arctic pole with all the night sky revolving around it.  A lack of light pollution means everything shines with an incredible brilliance up there. But these stars are more […]

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