28 Sep 2018 | TRIPS

Why the Floe Edge

The floe edge is one of the great natural wonders of the Arctic, and the world. A quintessential Arctic experience, there’s no wonder travellers from around the world are adding this to their bucket list. With the Midnight Sun shining above, incredible scenery, and opportunities to view unique wildlife found only in the Arctic, the […]

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27 Sep 2018 | Landscape

Baffin Island’s National Parks: Yosemite-like views but none of the crowds

At a time when national park visits are on the rise it is becoming harder to experience the majesty of North America’s national parks without the crowds. And while parks like Yosemite are often over-crowded, some of the continent’s most spectacular national parks are virtually unknown. Good news for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers everywhere, there has never been a better time […]

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25 Sep 2018 | Photography

6 Tips for Incredible Arctic Photography

arctic photography polar bear mother cub on iceberg

The raw, untouched beauty of the Canadian Arctic provides incredible photography opportunities in every season. For much of the year, photographers can look forward to dramatic scenery, vast expanses covered in snow and ice, and the chance to capture wildlife shots, including polar bears and Arctic fox on a snowy backdrop. The Arctic is a […]

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